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Our Story

At Motteʼs Kitchen, we believe in the power of a delicious, home-cooked meal to bring people together. Founded in Fort Worth, Texas, we are dedicated to providing personalized meal prep, food delivery, and catering services. Head chef and owner, Joshua, infuses every dish with love and southern comfort, ensuring that each bite is a taste of home. With a passion for serving up soulful, flavorful meals, we are committed to making every dining experience memorable.


The meals from Motteʼs Kitchen are like a warm hug on a plate, absolutely delicious and comforting.
I canʼt get enough of the amazing catering from Motteʼs Kitchen – the food is always a hit at our events!
The homemade Sock It To Me cake from Motteʼs Kitchen was the highlight of our celebration – absolutely delicious!

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